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  • Leading PC innovation

    Global leading PC hardened panels

    that can be reprocessed and meet automotive specifications

    Won the European E-Mark test certification

  • Application

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    — Photovoltaic Roof —

    • PC polycarbonate cover plate, lightweight (half lighter than glass), impact resistance (impact resistance 700 times higher than glass)
    • Large size production, integrated roof and rear window,  maximum size 2m*4m
    • Solar energy conversion efficiency can reach 17%~23%
    • Hyperboloid styling, liberating design restrictions
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    — Transparent Touch Display —

    • Fully transparent touch display, realizing the future sci-fi scene
    • Safety explosion-proof, good touch, fast response
    • Display content link computer, which can be used as an extra screen
    • Can be used in exhibition venues, display cabinets, interactive venues and other scenarios
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    — Panoramic Canopy —

    • PC polycarbonate cover plate, lightweight (half lighter than glass), impact resistance (impact resistance 700 times higher than glass)
    • UV blocking rate reaches 99%
    • Response in milliseconds when power on
    • Adjustable light transmittance
    • Large size production, maximum size 2m*4m
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    — Star Skylight —

    • The vast galaxy is retracted into the roof to create a dreamy atmosphere inside the car
    • 50% weight reduction, high impact resistance, heat insulation and noise reduction, easy to clean, and can be used for curved surface modeling
    • Closed light is transparent, bright light shows star pattern, pattern can be customized
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    — PC Discoloration Sunroof —

    • Oversized production, single-piece skylight size 1240*1440mm
    • Adjustable shading effect, millisecond response
    • Can be combined with inorganic glass
    • Color optional
    • Half the weight, safe and not burst
    • Intelligent remote control, enhance the use experience
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    — Integrated Body —

    • Lightweight, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, electrical insulation
    • One piece car window with a spherical shape
    • Left and right side doors and windows/rear windshields/front windshields/skylights, a total of 5 of which are products of Anko Optics
    • PC window UV blocking reaches 99%
    • PC window IR blocking reaches 85%
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    50% weight of glass

    Specific gravity 1.25: 2.5

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    Impact Resistance

    700 times higher than glass

    IZOD 784J/m

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    Styling Freedom

    Minimum angle R30

    Stretching rate 110-150%

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    Heat insulation

    UV blocking rate 99%

    Thermal conductivity 0.19



    Experimental Demonstration

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    Falling ball experiment

    227g steel ball falls freely,

    the steel ball does not pass through the PC,

    PC does not broken into pieces.

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    Impact resistance test

    In the experiment of screen glass for logistics vehicles,

    it is in sharp contrast with tempered glass,

    PC does not break even when the metal frame is deformed.

  • Lightweight Sustainability

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    For every 10% weight loss,

    Improve fuel economy by 6-10%

    Every 10% increase in aerodynamic efficiency,

    Improve fuel economy by 1-2%

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